Imagine organisations where everyone engages the best of self to inspire the best in others

I create spaces for people to access the integrated wisdom of head, heart and hand.

For organisations and individuals, I coach client-centred, sustainable leadership, management and service alongside the specialised knowledge of the field.

My mission is to provide learning and development to leaders and service providers to enable intelligent, sustainable, person-centred service that aims to empower those they serve, facilitating the emergence of generative organisations.

Effective leadership, management and service requires that one sees, hears and understands one’s clients or colleagues. Thus, empathy with boundaries and tolerance, and leading to ethical, accountable action.


Individual and group coaching
* Prospect Hill Recovery Practice, 3 Prospect Hill Road, Wynberg, Cape Town
* At client specified venue

Group facilitation & training
Programmes to meet the needs of an organisation or group based on their specific needs, including:
* Lectures and talks
* Participatory workshops