I research, design, develop and present programmes on empathy, prevention of and recovery from compassion fatigue, burnout and secondary traumatic stress, human sustainability and personal and professional development. These are applied in the private, healthcare, NGO and educational sector. I work individually and with groups.

My research and practice focuses on the nature and impact of interpersonal dynamics, especially empathy, and its management. My special interest is creating dynamic work interactions that promote human-centric organisations and pro-social action.

Of British and Scottish descent, I am essentially African, with the rhythm of Africa and its rich, varied beauty finding a place deep in my soul. I love to travel and to garden, mostly growing organic food for my own kitchen. Raised in a large, close family, I experienced, first hand, the gifts and challenges of intricate, interpersonal networks.

My working life began in business, in the financial management and marketing of the family textile agency. Since then I have been on an academic and personal journey finding my own synthesis of medical/psychological science and spiritual traditions. This has become the foundation for the techniques I apply in my workshops.


Compassion in organisations: Sensemaking and embodied experience in emergent relational capability
Development of an intervention to coach carers in resilience to compassion fatigue and burnout with psychophonetics methodology for self care and empathy


PhD University of Cape Town, Graduate School of Business; MPharm Western Cape; DipPsyPhon; DipClNutr; BPharm

Professional Membership

Comensa - Practitioner Member;
International Association of Psychophonetics Practitioners (IAPP) - Full Professional member - Independent Supervisor