I use these principles and techniques in coaching and workshop sessions:


We, as individuals, are complex. We operate within complex networks of other individuals. No one interaction or characteristic has a single outcome.

Engaging these principles enables you to understand your interactions more fully, guides you to make sense of this complex interplay and helps you to find the tipping point for change:
* You are Autonomous in that you define yourself as you actively create and maintain your world in order to regulate your interactions.
* Through Sensemaking you make meaning of your world as a springboard for action.
* Outcomes Emerge through circular causality where local determines global and global constrains local.
* Your Experience provides a real-life, relevant foundation for all explorations through your subjectively lived body. By engaging the intelligence of thought, feeling and action.
* Your Body and senses provide the mechanism through through which you perceive the world. In interventions, I engage embodiment practices as a exploration and transformation tool.

Psychophonetics methodology

Founded by Yehuda Tagar, is an application of embodiment practice and a method for observing the interactive dynamics of body, emotions and awareness. Psychophonetics uses gesture, as the external manifestation of the mind, and the sounds of speech as tools for describing, enhancing and transforming experience, and for bringing experience alive in awareness.

The extended mind and socially extended mind.

Interventions apply aspects of extended mind theory in that you will explore the optimal functions of your mind through the use of technology and synergistic interactions with others.

All interventions are research-based.