Empathy is a skill that can be taught. It is beneficial for managers to motivate their staff more effectively; for teams to maximise their synchronous working together; product developers to design with relevance and carers to inspire charges to wellbeing.

Many psychological experiences fall within the common understanding of empathy. Not all of them are in fact empathy. Many may compromise the wellbeing of both people in the potentially empathic exchange.

To engage the benefits of management, team work and service delivery requires advanced empathy skills.

I work with individuals, groups and organisations to enhance empathy skills.

I encourage sustainable, compassionate and empathic management and care alongside the specialized knowledge of the field.

Supporting and caring for people who are stressed and traumatized may result in compassion fatigue, burnout and secondary traumatic stress.

Effective service requires self-awareness and self-management skills, ensuring managed empathy with boundaries and tolerance, leading to accountable action in professionalism.

Individual coaching
Cape Town Medi-Spa, Gardens
Prospect Hill Recovery Practice, Wynberg
At client specified venue

Group facilitation & training
In consultation I create a programme to meet the needs of an organisation or group based on their specific needs.

For consultation or more info:
+27(0)73 130 1625 or email me